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If you are serious about getting healthy, the best place to start is by making sure your diet is all natural. At Juice and Java Cafe at Equinox, we guarantee that our juices and foods have no syrups, no added sugars, and no other additives of any kind. Our bodies are victims to the growing amount of chemicals that are found in the food we eat. Stop this invasion in its tracks by switching to all natural smoothies!

With smoothies, losing weight has never been easier! You will be amazed at how our fresh fruits make the pounds just slip off your body. Not only do smoothies help reduce fat; they can also improve your hair, skin, and nails, giving your whole body a brand new radiant vibe!

Smoothies are a highly flexible option for consumption. While heavy foods can weigh you down and juices may not feel substantial enough to be taken on their own as meals, smoothies are perfect when you want a meal on the go. With a limitless variety ready to be made at Juice and Java Cafe at Equinox, you will not even have to drink the same kind more than once!

The health benefits in smoothies are endless. You will experience a deeper sleep, a stronger immune system, reduced cravings, a brain boost, a sense of calm, and of course, weight loss! We make the best all natural smoothies in Aventura, FL, because we know just how powerful they can be!

Do your body a favor, and give it the nutrients it needs to make you happier. Stop by Juice and Java Cafe at Equinox today for a fresh fruit and vegetable smoothie!

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